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A detailed look at the issues related to colleges reopening, college sports

Blog Post Date: Aug 6th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Sep 2nd, 2020

This will be a running collection of tweets (with links to news stories, research papers etc) that addresses everything related to colleges reopening, college sports etc.

  • List all colleges that report cases within a few days of reopening
  • List all protests by teachers / staff about college reopenings
  • List all boneheaded moves by Republican governors that will endanger Americans, to help re-elect Trump

Sep 2nd

COVID-19 cases spike at University of Illinois after large weekend parties with about 780 new cases since classes began Aug. 24

University of Dayton One Alert Level Away From Vacating Campus Amid 700+ COVID-19 Cases

At least 1,017 students at the University of South Carolina currently have Covid-19

That makes it one of the highest case counts recorded at a college so far

Virginia's JMU cancels classes as nearly 500 student COVID-19 cases reported in a week

More than 3,300 COVID-19 cases in Indiana have been connected to large gatherings and to places like schools, gyms and bars

Aug 31st

With a population of 328 million in the United States, it may require 2.13 million deaths to reach a 65 percent threshold of herd immunity, assuming the virus has a 1% fatality rate.

Let’s not try out this strategy. What if the virus has a 2% fatality rate? 4.26 million deaths is acceptable?

Cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus have increased at a faster rate in children and teenagers than among the general public, a new data set shows

It is insane and cruel that the 30 Republican states are opening up schools and colleges with R0 greater than 1, Positivity rates well north of 10% and cases rising in kids. This is straight up murder! They are endangering millions of kids, teachers, staff and parents

What @GovRonDeSantis is now pimping is “herd immunity.”

Herd immunity in Florida is a death sentence for the elderly and high risk. Ron’s ineptitude and complete lack of empathy has resulted in mass #COVID19 illness and death. Now he is doubling down.

Aug 28th

Trump and the Republicans come up with a plan to kill 2.3 to 3 million Americans

They complained that 4 Benghazi deaths were too many. Now they are signing off on Putin paying Taliban to kill American Soldiers and the genocide of 2-3 million Americans.

Good thing that they are pro-life. Imagine if they were the pro-death party?

Deceptive practices in ASU which will lead to more infections and deaths, not less

It's the same story again and again. Colleges have outbreaks and teachers & students are left in the dark. This story is from #Arizona State University.

  • Professors NOT told students have COVID!
  • Prevented from WARNING OTHERS, because it would cause "unnecessary panic"

452 @ASU students have tested positive for #COVID19. More than half of the students who tested positive live off-campus in the Valley.

About 205 students with COVID-19 are living on the Tempe campus and in isolation.

University of Iowa reports 500 more student COVID-19 cases

On Friday, newly released figures showed the university recorded 481 new cases of COVID-19 on its campus in the previous three days alone.

University of Alabama now has more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases -- with nearly 500 in the past three days

More than 7 percent of students on Georgia College's campus have had COVID-19, and up to a third may be in quarantine.

In-person classes continue nonetheless.

Aug 27th

Universities had to close during the great 1918 pandemic. If we ignore lessons from history, we are bound to repeat it...

Apparently, not even universities that supposedly study history remembers these history lessons. Ironic.

Aug 26th

The CDC, changing its Covid-19 testing guidelines, no longer recommends testing for most people without symptoms

Even if they've been in close contact with someone known to have the virus. Many doctors are puzzled by the agency's change.

Even the former CDC director is puzzled and worried. He fears that this will cause more #NeedlessDeaths

Aug 25th

A new report from President Trump’s COVID task force shows GA had the second-highest rate of new #coronavirus infections in the nation

That is over the last week, and the task force continues to urge state leaders to impose a mask mandate to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Corrupt CDC and FDA chiefs yielding to Trump's demands, endangering Millions of Americans

The recent @CDCgov recommendation out tonite to NOT test asymptomatic people makes no sense in light of the developments below.

The CDC just revised their testing guidance to exclude people without symptoms. This change in policy will kill

FDA is being pressured to approve a vaccine in October, without adequate testing, again endangering millions of Americans.

FDA pushing the Plasma treatment is wrong (and criminal). HHS and FDA chiefs illegally just made up numbers to please Trump.

Nearly 9,000 Florida children diagnosed with coronavirus in two weeks as schools reopen

Auburn University’s COVID-19 cases multiply by five (208 cases now)

Universities sound alarm as coronavirus cases emerge just days into classes — 530 at one campus (Univ of Alabama)

The University of Alabama has reported more than 560 coronavirus cases since classes restarted last week.

USC reports ‘alarming increase’ in COVID-19 cases; 43 with COVID; 100s in quarantine

Aug 24th

Last week, the UNC, Chapel Hill carried out 1,528 covid tests and had 465 positive results — a 31.3% positivity rate.

Students had returned to college with in-person classes, but all undergrad courses went online on August 17

Ohio State University temporarily has suspended more than 200 students who it says broke guidelines around social gatherings during the pandemic

GA College reports 150 new cases on Monday afternoon. 373 total

Aug 23rd

Ohio State’s director of sports cardiology is publishing a study soon reporting that about 15% of college athletes who tested positive for COVID-19 show symptoms of myocarditis. Not much else is known about the study.

Kids who get infected are looking at a lifetime of heart and lung issues

Republicans are endangering millions to get Trump re-elected. He is hurting his ignorant base (and innocent democrats) who are willingly sacrificing their kids, their parents and themselves!

Aug 22nd

At least 3 dozen states have reported coronavirus cases on college campuses - who could have seen this coming?

COLLEGE EPIDEMIC CONTINUES: Now Texas Christian University in Fort Worth is reporting 55 new cases of the coronavirus just 5 days into the fall semester

More than double the cases reported on Monday when classes began. 53 are student cases.

A Syracuse University official said a gathering, "may have done damage enough to shut down campus"

Including residence halls and in-person learning, before the academic semester even begins.

Aug 21st

What some colleges are doing isn't so far from a bait-and-switch!

Lay out implausible conditions under which college could commence w/o COVID spread. Get tuition on premise of an in-person experience. Blame students when the conditions are inevitably violated. Then go online.

I had suggested that bait and switch was what the Colleges were doing (by waiting to cancel in-person classes after tuition deadlines have passed) and now the foremost election forecaster is saying essentially the same thing!

29% positive COVID test results among student body

University of Alabama COVID-19 outbreak not great news for college football season

Georgia College’s COVID case spike creates big test for campus

Officials at NC State on Thursday announced that classes would be moved online

Announced after an increase in COVID cases & the number of students sent to quarantine or isolation.

Recap of school opening failures - Michigan State, U Conn, Auburn, Drake University (Iowa), UNC Chapel Hill, NC State University

Aug 20th

Georgia State QB Mikele Colasurdo has been diagnosed with a heart condition as a result of contracting the coronavirus and won't be able to play football this season.

A Yale professor’s stark warning to returning students: Be prepared for deaths

Aug 19th

Kansas reports 5 COVID clusters at colleges, two more outbreaks at schools or daycares

35 new cases today at Georgia College. 110 cases total is about 1.5% of the student body

42 Florida State students have tested positive for COVID-19

Here is DeSantis last week at FSU bragging about football being safe. Today, 42 FSU students tested positive. School started 2 days ago

No national COVID-19 reporting standards exist for colleges. We want @HHSgov and @CDCgov to fix that now.

CAMPUS REFUNDS? With COVID-19 cases still high, many NC & SC colleges are developing shutdown contingency plans alongside their reopening arrangements

UConn students evicted from dorms for holding pandemic party as schools grapple with COVID-19 crisis

MSU waited till the deadline to pay tuition fees passed before canceling in-person classes. This may have been deliberate

If a student must withdraw from college due to Covid-19, getting a tuition refund or reimbursement could be tricky

Horribly long wait times to get tested at colleges (The evil Trump administration's goal is to show lower cases, which they achieve by lower testing)

Aug 18th

Opening up college campuses was doomed. It's entirely possible that people could die as a result

Michigan State University is telling students to stay home this fall.

College students are being asked to sign COVID-19 liability agreements

Classic diabolical Republican move! Then when the kids, their parents and their grand parents and their neighbors fall sick, the Republicans will come in and take away their insurance and pre-existing conditions coverage and their social security and their medicare and give more tax breaks for the Billionaires!

Students are returning to college campuses across the US, and several universities are already detecting cases of coronavirus

The University of Notre Dame is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases over the past two days,

@cbschicago reports: of the 147 confirmed cases reported among students on campus since Aug. 10, 80 were found on Monday alone.

Notre Dame’s 2 week shutdown was inevitable

Tests coming back positive also remained well above the WHO's suggested threshold of 5% positivity. Last week, the rate jumped to 8.3%, then it was 44% over the weekend!

College towns are the place to watch for the virus right now

Aug 17th

“If a bunch of students get sick, & a bunch of your staff dies, I don’t know how that helps you fight a fight another day,” one college president said.

The Harvey County (Kansas) Health Department, in conjunction with Bethel College, has confirmed a cluster of COVID-19 cases on the Bethel campus

It is a fantasy to expect College Kids to play it safe

Former CDC chair Tom Frieden suggests there will be many more closings

UNC Chapel Hill cancels all in-person classes

Wow! UNC Chapel Hill testing shows COVID positivity rate on campus rose from 2.8% to 13.6% in just first 7 days of in-campus classes.

Clusterfuck indeed! Can't keep doors open for active shooter security protocols. Can't keep doors closed as COVID spread becomes easier

This is a Republican utopia! Everybody living in fear and in danger. Just so Trump can get re-elected and the Billionaires are happy.

Who are the brain-dead non Billionaires that want Russia and Putin and Trump and the GOP to completely destroy our economy, our democracy and in the process kill hundreds of thousands of Americans by letting a Pandemic run completely out of control? #NeedlessDeaths

Aug 16th

University of Tennessee-Knoxville has 28 positive cases

Super spreader events that will lead to explosion of cases and shutdowns

Auburn, AL (Aug 22nd)

Iowa state

University of West Georgia

University of North Georgia

Florida Atlantic University

College Sports related news

Big Ten, Pac-12 pull plug on Fall Football

Financial apocalypse for School towns, cities, college sports programs

Criminal cover up by up FSU (You can expect more of these stories from Georgia, Florida and all Republican governed states)

Oklahoma State - 9 football players infected

NCAA pulls plug on Division 1 Fall sports

Sororities and Fraternities with infections from July / August