Scandal related to COVID testing, reporting of cases, deaths

A compilation of all the fraud being committed by the various GOP states to mislead the public

Blog Post Date: Aug 29th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Sep 1st, 2020

This will be a running collection of tweets (with links to news stories, etc) that shows that the various GOP administrations in the Southern states are committing massive fraud to reduce the testing, reduce the reported cases and deaths to please Trump.

Trump has always argued that less testing means less cases. That is an argument that plays well with the idiotic, in-curious, Kool-Aid drinking supporters. You can see many of these idiots keep repeating the same thing that less tests mean less cases.

Trump forces CDC to change guidelines for testing (sure to make situation worse by spreading the disease faster)

Note: There will be a different blog post related to the scandal surrounding the CDC decision about testing

But if less tests is also accompanied by higher positivity rates, higher deaths, higher hospitalizations and higher waiting times to get tested and to get results, it means that the suituation is deliberately being made worse by an administration whose sole focus is to steal the next election.

All Republican governed states engages in fraud, but Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Tennessee, Iowa seem to be some of the most dirty ones.

Aug 31st

With a population of 328 million in the United States, it may require 2.13 million deaths to reach a 65 percent threshold of herd immunity, assuming the virus has a 1% fatality rate.

Let’s not try out this strategy. What if the virus has a 2% fatality rate? 4.26 million deaths is acceptable?

Aug 29th

Rampant fraud by Ron DeSantis, Trump, GOP in Florida

Florida accidentally released a report on COVID-19 outbreaks at schools — from daycare centers to colleges — and found nearly 900 students and staffers had tested positive during a two-week period in August as schools had just begun or readied to reopen.

Univ of Alabama threatening faculty if they reveal / share info about COVID outbreaks

This is downright criminal. Even third world countries do better than this. Trump and the GOP is making the US worse than a 3rd world country.

This is one of the threatening messages sent to University of Alabama faculty, claiming that sharing any information about COVID-positive students in class is a HIPPA [sic] violation. It is not a HIPPA violation, and saying so is designed to silence.

@abcactionnews reporting that Florida was updating pediatric #COVID cases in two week increments leading up to the first day of school

Only reverting back to daily updates after being confronted. Just another case of #Florida misleading the public about their public health risk.

Aug 28th

Trump and the Republicans come up with a plan to kill 2.3 to 3 million Americans

They complained that 4 Benghazi deaths were too many. Now they are signing off on Putin paying Taliban to kill American Soldiers and the genocide of 2-3 million Americans.

Good thing that they are pro-life. Imagine if they were the pro-death party?

FL has significantly reduced testing for #COVID - so our number of positives have decreased.

@HealthyFla’s positive rate is also not accurate. Here is the truth. GA is almost doubling our testing. Even with that, FL has more positive cases & a greater positivity rate of 13.6%.

#COVID testing is down in Florida. What does it mean for the state?

I can point to why #COVID19 testing in Florida is down - 👉🏻 ⁦⁦@realDonaldTrump and ⁦@GovRonDeSantis⁩.

Fraud in Mississippi -- Coroner Says State's Coronavirus Death Tally Is Misleading, Causing 'Unnecessary Fear In The Public'

Are we about to see a REVOLT BY CORONERS over COVID DEATH COUNT? Will Twitter allow me to ask this question?

Deceptive practices in Arizona

Top health officials in Arizona and Maricopa County won't release COVID-19 outbreaks in schools to the public.

Parents, guardians, faculty will be notified. BTW: ASU, universities are not required to report outbreaks to state, or Maricopa County.

Governor DeSantis' Department of Health claims number of COVID-19 cases in Florida schools is confidential

Deceptive practices in ASU which will lead to more infections and deaths, not less

It's the same story again and again. Colleges have outbreaks and teachers & students are left in the dark. This story is from #Arizona State University.

  • Professors NOT told students have COVID!
  • Prevented from WARNING OTHERS, because it would cause "unnecessary panic"

Aug 27th

Deadly deception practiced by Republicans that will needlessly infect / kill more Americans

More than 500 students have tested positive @UofAlabama, but teachers were told to keep a tight lid on it. “Do not tell the rest of the class,” the email reads, with the word “not” underlined.

Aug 26th

Fraud in Arizona, a Republican Governed state -- This time hiding & falsifying #COVID deaths

Hundreds of #COVID19 deaths unaccounted for in #Arizona’s Maricopa County; 71% increase in deaths last month.

In July 2019 there were 2,656 — a typical number for that month, but in July 2020 there were 4,540 deaths.

Aug 25th

Fraud in Florida, this time by the Department of Health

One day after the Florida Department of Health published a report saying Duval County, Florida had 24 school-related positive COVID-19 cases and 3 college-related cases in less than 2 weeks, the agency removed the reports from its website.

Aug 22nd

More deception by Schools that will cause an explosion in Cases and #NeedlessDeaths

"This is a danger to our community." Parents and teachers want to know about coronavirus outbreaks in schools, but some districts are hiding information about cases, stoking fear and anger.

Tennessee has removed liability for schools, etc. for covid.

More sinister actions by Republican Governors that will have deadly consequences for thousands of Tennesseans that fall sick. Now imagine if the Republicans are able to roll back pre-existing condition coverage and remove Social Security and Medicare.

This guest column by three Vanderbilt University medical/health specialist declares that Tennessee’s refusal to disclose COVID-19 outbreaks in schools is “ethically and legally indefensible.”

More Republican deception that will lead to certain death for many!

Aug 20th

More deception by Republican Governors -- this time by Kav Ivey and the Alabama Department of Public Health

The Alabama Department of Public Health is tracking cases of COVID-19 in schools, but is not making the information public.

What a surprise. Fraud in another Republican governed state

A spokeswoman for Texas' health department tells @HoustonChron that because of data errors, there is currently no way to know the state's true positivity rate — a key metric for state and local leaders deciding about reopening Texas schools

It is their way of saying we know that the rate is well above 10%, a dangerous level to be opening schools in, but we will anyway. Because Trump!

Widespread fraud in Iowa state COVID Cases and Death Numbers (as is true in every Republican Governed state -- suppress testing and show low fake numbers)

Aug 18th

More dastardly acts by Republicans to endanger and then bankrupt kids / parents who fall sick in South Carolina, Florida, Missouri schools

South Carolina -- Parents urged to sign waivers to protect schools

Missouri schools -- Parents urged to sign waivers to protect schools

Orlando: Brevard school -- Parents urged to sign waivers to protect schools

Aug 16th

Dallas County added close to 5,200 cases of the coronavirus Sunday from the state backlog and reported its 825th death

Medical examiner’s offices in South Florida have a backlog of more than 1,200 suspected COVID-19 deaths awaiting certification, according to the Florida Medical Examiners Commission.