COVID-19 in Iowa

A detailed look at the spread of the Corona Virus in the state of Iowa

Blog Post Date: Aug 22nd, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Spe 2nd, 2020

Iowa is a state in the Midwestern United States, bordered by the Mississippi River to the east and the Missouri River and Big Sioux River to the west. It is bordered by six states: Wisconsin to the northeast, Illinois to the east and southeast, Missouri to the south, Nebraska to the west, South Dakota to the northwest, and Minnesota to the north.

Capital is Des Moines. Population is 3.16 million. Governor is Kim Reynolds (Republican).

Just some thoughts on what we can expect to see happen in Iowa in the next few months.

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Case and Death Patterns by State

Red States v/s Blue States

States, counties setting cases and deaths records each day

Cases and deaths records for each state

Details of Cases and deaths by state / county

School and College Reopenings

A national database that tracks coronavirus-related school closings, quarantines, cases and deaths.

Covid-19 Is Creating a Wave of Heart Disease -daily reminder that there is so much more to #COVID19 than death

New CDC guidance says COVID rates in children is steadily increasing. (not ideal for schools reopening)

LONG TERM BURDEN after COVID hospitalization — “Anybody who needed to be hospitalized or needed ICU support will suffer disability afterwards.”

This is why it is so dangerous to send kids off to school in the Republican states where Case Positivity ratio is 10-20%. Millions of Americans will now have a lifelong pre-existing condition and if the Republicans win the 2020 election through voter suppression, shutting down USPS and colluding with Russia and China and Ukraine, these Millions of Americans are looking at bankruptcy. Vote Blue, as your life depends on it!

Sep 2nd

Iowa county that has Univ of Iowa: 8/23-8/29 (after school started): 1,390 new cases, 74%(!) were 19-24 year olds, overall positivity 29.7%

Aug 31st

With a population of 328 million in the United States, it may require 2.13 million deaths to reach a 65 percent threshold of herd immunity, assuming the virus has a 1% fatality rate.

Let’s not try out this strategy. What if the virus has a 2% fatality rate? 4.26 million deaths is acceptable?

Cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the coronavirus have increased at a faster rate in children and teenagers than among the general public, a new data set shows

It is insane and cruel that the 30 Republican states are opening up schools and colleges with R0 greater than 1, Positivity rates well north of 10% and cases rising in kids. This is straight up murder! They are endangering millions of kids, teachers, staff and parents

Ames has 956 new cases in past 2 weeks, Iowa City has 1,489.

Iowa Pauses Workouts for All Athletes After Latest COVID-19 Testing

Department receives 93 new positives following latest round

Republican Ernst is a crackpot who thought 2 Ebola deaths under Obama was 2 too many, while 185,000 on the way to 2 million deaths from #COVID is a tremedous Trump success!

The fraud continues in Iowa

More on the COVID trouble in Iowa... "In places such as Polk, Story, Johnson and Linn counties, several officials complained they no longer trust state data or metrics because case numbers have been consistently under-reported"

Aug 28th

Trump and the Republicans come up with a plan to kill 2.3 to 3 million Americans

They complained that 4 Benghazi deaths were too many. Now they are signing off on Putin paying Taliban to kill American Soldiers and the genocide of 2-3 million Americans.

Good thing that they are pro-life. Imagine if they were the pro-death party?

University of Iowa reports 500 more student COVID-19 cases

Aug 27th 2016

The Republican Governor of Iowa, @IAGovernor Kim Reynolds, will NOT release public school Covid_19 outbreak information to the public.

New IOWA cases record today (2681); Shatters old record of 1201 set a day earlier

Univ of Iowa student details horrible #COVID experience.

“The only way they found out they were exposed is b/c I told them. They are telling students and parents they are prepared for COVID, but they lied. They are not!

Aug 25th

COVID hospitalizations surging in Iowa as schools and universities reopen: 313 current patients statewide, highest level since June 2, according to state’s website. # in ICU surged to 102. 49 new patients in last 24 hours

Not the environment you want to be opening schools and colleges in. Iowa Gov Reynolds is endangering the lives of thousands of Iowans

The coronavirus epidemic has already closed the Twin Cedars school district southeast of Knoxville in Marion County

Aug 24th

Creighton University disclosed Monday that it had 40 new coronavirus cases and the University of Iowa reported a whopping 111 as campuses opened throughout the region.

Aug 23rd

Ohio State’s director of sports cardiology is publishing a study soon reporting that about 15% of college athletes who tested positive for COVID-19 show symptoms of myocarditis. Not much else is known about the study.

Kids who get infected are looking at a lifetime of heart and lung issues

Republicans are endangering millions to get Trump re-elected. He is hurting his ignorant base (and innocent democrats) who are willingly sacrificing their kids, their parents and themselves!

Public health officials say a young child in Iowa died due to complications from coronavirus in June

Aug 22nd

Super spreader events at Univ of Iowa

Epic showdown looming—Iowa state vs Des Moines Public Schools. Des Moines wants only online schooling. Iowa Department of Education denied they request.

Aug 20th

Widespread fraud in Iowa state COVID Cases and Death Numbers (as is true in every Republican Governed state -- suppress testing and show low fake numbers)

Aug 19th

Iowa State finds a total 175 coronavirus cases during move-in

Drake University asks undergrad students to sign a compact in which they agree to social distance, self-monitor for symptoms & wear face coverings in campus buildings.

Aug 18th

Drake University sends 14 students home for violating COVID-19 guidelines

Aug 10th

40+ schools have already closed nationwide after reopening last week

Aug 9th

How widespread is COVID-19 in children? (9%) A look at the latest data as schools reopen

COVID-19 can spread in air if schools don't have proper AC, report says

Aug 7th

Australia follows Israel's disasterous model; School reopening results in explosion of cases; 100s of schools now closing again

Dozens of teachers, students get COVID in 1st wk

7 year old dead in GA (Kids are not immune)

Aug 6th

Schools that open in the fall will close by October

Some teachers are retiring rather than go back to school

CDC abdicates responsibility; will let kids get sick

German schools test students twice a week

Aug 5th

Trump learns nothing from 160,000 dead and wants to reopen Schools

Covid-19 may spread more easily in schools than thought, report warns.

Aug 4th

Trump administration sticks to plan to reopen schools (and infect millions?)

When Covid Subsided, Israel Reopened Its Schools. It Didn’t Go Well.

Aug 3rd

Trump criticizes Birx after she warns U.S. it is unsafe to reopen schools as coronavirus outbreaks are extraordinarily widespread

As the Coronavirus Comes to School, a Tough Choice: When to Close

Ex FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb on MLB and Schools Reopening

July 13th

Teachers are writing their wills

Super spreader events that will lead to explosion of cases and shutdowns

Iowa state