COVID-19 in Tennessee

A detailed look at the spread of the Corona Virus in the state of Tennessee

Blog Post Date: Aug 9th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Aug 31st, 2020

Tennessee is a landlocked state in the U.S. South.

Capital is Nashville. Population is 6.83 million. Governor is Bill Lee (Republican)

Just some thoughts on what we can expect to see happen in Tennessee in the next few weeks.

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School and College Reopenings

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Covid-19 Is Creating a Wave of Heart Disease -daily reminder that there is so much more to #COVID19 than death

New CDC guidance says COVID rates in children is steadily increasing. (not ideal for schools reopening)

LONG TERM BURDEN after COVID hospitalization — “Anybody who needed to be hospitalized or needed ICU support will suffer disability afterwards.”

This is why it is so dangerous to send kids off to school in the Republican states where Case Positivity ratio is 10-20%. Millions of Americans will now have a lifelong pre-existing condition and if the Republicans win the 2020 election through voter suppression, shutting down USPS and colluding with Russia and China and Ukraine, these Millions of Americans are looking at bankruptcy. Vote Blue, as your life depends on it!

Aug 31st

With a population of 328 million in the United States, it may require 2.13 million deaths to reach a 65 percent threshold of herd immunity, assuming the virus has a 1% fatality rate.

Let’s not try out this strategy. What if the virus has a 2% fatality rate? 4.26 million deaths is acceptable?

Aug 28th

Trump and the Republicans come up with a plan to kill 2.3 to 3 million Americans

They complained that 4 Benghazi deaths were too many. Now they are signing off on Putin paying Taliban to kill American Soldiers and the genocide of 2-3 million Americans.

Good thing that they are pro-life. Imagine if they were the pro-death party?

Aug 27th

COVID-19 outbreaks close nine Tennessee schools as reopenings continue, state says

Aug 25th

The number of school-aged Tennessee children testing positive for COVID-19 the last 14 days remains above 2,000.

Some counties reporting higher rates than others.

COVID-19 outbreaks close nine Tennessee schools, state says

Aug 22nd

Tennessee has removed liability for schools, etc. for covid.

More sinister actions by Republican Governors that will have deadly consequences for thousands of Tennesseans that fall sick. Now imagine if the Republicans are able to roll back pre-existing condition coverage and remove Social Security and Medicare.

This guest column by three Vanderbilt University medical/health specialist declares that Tennessee’s refusal to disclose COVID-19 outbreaks in schools is “ethically and legally indefensible.”

More Republican deception that will lead to certain death for many!

Aug 21st

Rutherford County Schools said 250 students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are quarantining

Another 1,250 students are quarantining for coming into contact with a possible, but not confirmed, case of the virus

Something fishy is going on TN

Tennessee governor may change plans - for a fourth time - on how to keep parents informed about COVID-19 in schools; state previously claimed FERPA barred release of data, then found out that wasn't completely accurate

Aug 20th

5 Middle Tennessee counties close classrooms, entire schools after COVID-19 cases

Aug 19th

A woman who once served as TN's top school nurse warns the state is FAILING TO PROTECT TEACHERS who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic

Over 2,000 Tennessee children test positive for COVID in 2 weeks as schools reopen in state

Aug 18th

Gov. Lee signs law to protect businesses and schools from 'frivolous' COVID lawsuits (Typical Republican move - endanger thousands & then bankrupt them)

In Rutherford County, Smyrna Elementary School moves to distance learning after 53 students, 8 teachers go into COVID-19-related quarantine.

Aug 17th

Tennessee faces 1,200+ teaching vacancies as students return to school amid COVID-19

Some TN districts allowing superintendents to designate teachers as "essential workers" to come to school even if they have been exposed to COVID-19

Now this is insane and jeopardizing the lives of thousands of kids, parents, teachers etc. Makes absolutely no sense and this is how the disease spreads.

Aug 16th

University of Tennessee-Knoxville has 28 positive cases

Aug 15th

More than 7,500 Tennessee school-age children have been diagnosed with COVID-19, newly released state data shows

Aug 13th

113 COVID cases across various Tennessee Schools

Aug 11th:

2 employees at Christiana Middle School in Rutherford County test positive for COVID-19

#MiddleTennessee school districts are already readjusting their plans for semester because of positive COVID contacts

Aug 10th

40+ schools have already closed nationwide after reopening last week

Aug 9th

At least 97,000 children in US have tested positive for COVID in the last two weeks of July.

More than 80 students in Putnam County, TN have been quarantined

With 65 of Tennessee's school districts reopened, at least 39 COVID-19 cases have been linked to schools.

COVID-19 can spread in air if schools don't have proper AC, report says

How widespread is COVID-19 in children? (9%) A look at the latest data as schools reopen

Aug 8th

Bradley County, TN Schools confirms first COVID-19 case Saturday

Aug 7th

Covid confirmed in two Tullahoma, TN schools

Australia follows Israel's disasterous model; School reopening results in explosion of cases; 100s of schools now closing again

Dozens of teachers, students get COVID in 1st wk

7 year old dead in GA (Kids are not immune)

Even Germany closes 2 schools

Aug 6th

Schools that open in the fall will close by October

Some teachers are retiring rather than go back to school

CDC abdicates responsibility; will let kids get sick

German schools test students twice a week

Aug 5th

These Tennessee school districts are already reporting COVID-19 cases after reopening.

Trump learns nothing from 160,000 dead and wants to reopen Schools

Covid-19 may spread more easily in schools than thought, report warns.

Aug 4th

Trump administration sticks to plan to reopen schools (and infect millions?)

When Covid Subsided, Israel Reopened Its Schools. It Didn’t Go Well.

Aug 3rd

Trump criticizes Birx after she warns U.S. it is unsafe to reopen schools as coronavirus outbreaks are extraordinarily widespread

As the Coronavirus Comes to School, a Tough Choice: When to Close

Ex FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb on MLB and Schools Reopening

Aug 1st

Tennessee administration admits it will cover-up COVID infections at TN schools

July 31st

Maryville City Schools (Tennessee) student tests positive for COVID-19

July 25th

Alcoa city schools, Tennessee

July 13th

Teachers are writing their wills