Trump supporters that hate democracy

Many examples that show that Republicans hate democracy

Blog Post Date: Nov 4th, 2020

Blog Post Updated: Nov 5th, 2020

Trump is a sore loser with brainless losers for supporters

He wants the democracy hating thugs that support him to start riots:

  • start riots to stop vote counting in states he is leading (where the Biden votes haven't been counted yet)
  • start riots to count votes in states where he is losing

This is so inconsistent. His lawsuits are likewise meaningless.

Anyone who supports a democracy wants all votes to be counted in an election.

Only sore losers and dictators don't.

GOP / KKK Mobs disrupting democracy, threatening vote counters, election officials

Elected GOP Officials who hate democracy (and promote voter suppression)

Note: They did nothing for four years to secure the elections

Right wing criminals who hate democracy and are trying to destabilize us from within