Election Results

Election Results (Senate, House, Presidential races)

Blog Post Date: Nov 3rd, 2020

Blog Post Updated: Nov 5th, 2020

Status as of 2 PM

Biden trails by 13.5K in GA, 114K in PA, 77k in NC, leads by 11.5K in NV, 68K in AZ

Trump claims victory and is going to the Supreme Court

Trump and his surrogates are trying to destabilize our government from within and trying to steal the election by claiming democratic voter fraud in the battleground states

Frivolous Lawsuits by a desperate / sore loser

Popular vote (Biden should win by at least 6-8 Million votes)

Trump tweet(s) flagged for false information

MI, WI, PA were not allowed to count early votes and now Trump says we shouldn't count the votes

Michigan (Biden declared big winner; outside recount territory)

Pennsylvania (democratic votes are coming in from Philadelphia to counter the red-mirage)


Wisconsin (Biden declared winner; He won 130k of 169k mail-in-ballots from Milwaukee)

North Carolina

Georgia (NY Times gives Biden a 64% chance to win as of 11 PM EST)

Ossoff will most likely force a runoff. So two runoffs for the 2 GA senate seats.

Arizona (race tightening, FOX may have been too hasty)

Nevada (Biden should be the winner)

Nebraska-2 (Called for Biden)

This rally could be the reason behind the flip

Senate Results (flips and closely contested races)

House Results (and flips)

Dejoy continues to destroy our democracy by refusing to hand over all mail-in ballots