Republicans infected with COVID

List of prominent Republicans infected since the election

Blog Post Date: Nov 21st, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Dec 8th, 2020

Infected count as of Dec 8th, 9 PM - 8

People infected

    1. Senator Grassley (Nov 17th)
    1. Senator Rick Scott (Nov 20th)
    1. Andrew Giuliani (Nov 20th)
    1. Senator Kelly Loeffler (Nov 20th)
    1. Boris Epshteyn (Nov 25th)
    1. Mark Gordon, Wyoming Governor (Nov 26th)
    1. Rudy Giuliani (Dec 6th)
    1. Jenna Ellis (Dec 8th)

Note: This list is separate from the people infected at the Election night event at the White House.

These are deranged scoiopaths that still think #COVID is a hoax, even after the death toll has crossed 250,000 and the daily cases has gone past 200k and the daily death toll is now past 2,000.

Every one of the event organizers, event attendees, supporters that attend these maskless events deserve to get #COVID. Unfortunately, these sociopaths then spread it to others. Which is why the country is in this situation in the first place.

Is there a single Republican in the country with brains and is not a sociopath who doesn't think this is a hoax?

Update on GOP Rep Louie Gohmert who was infected before the elections.

The #COVID denier, racist seditious loser who still doesn't accept the election results, is still suffering the consequences of getting infected.

Tooth loss? Hmm! sexual assault victims of Donald Trump would be curious to know if other body parts will fall off.

Dec 8th (Ellis)

Rudy Giuliani Humor; Because after dealing with seditious GOP racists, traitors and sociopaths for 4 years, we need to inject some Humor :-)

Dec 6th (Giuliani)

The sociopath potentially exposed hundreds to the virus. That is a crime!

Nov 26th (Gordon)

Nov 25th (Epshteyn)

Nov 21st (Looting Loeffler)

Note: Look at how there is no social distancing and no cleaning of mics etc. between speakers. Pence, Senator David Perdue, his cousin AG Sec Perdue and hundreds others at the event are all exposed.

Nov 20th (Rick Scott, Andrew Giuliani)

Nov 20th - Rudy Giuliani, a super spreader like Typhoid Mary?

If you ever wonder how #COVID spreads wherever Giuliani goes, the White House, the press conferences etc., this video may tell us why.

He may be like Typhoid Mary, a super spreader that does not get really sick and die. But can spread it to thousands of others

Warning! This video can and will gross you out.

This pedophile of Borat fame is the best lawyer Trump can afford?

Nov 17th (Chuck Grassley)