Post election legal losses for Trump

A list of all the losses on the legal front for President Trump

Blog Post Date: Nov 14th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Dec 9th, 2020

President Trump has lost the election in a landslide by 306 - 232 electoral votes. He will finally lose by more than 7 million votes. 80 million people voted against him.

Yet he and the Republicans are trying to steal the elections by filing numerous frivolous law suits. It is one thing to make accusations of voter fraud against the democrats on right wing media shows or on twitter (that his dumb, uneducated, uninformed 73 million followers will believe), but it is another thing to make a legal case with no proof that fraud exists.

So, most of Trump's lawsuits are being thrown out by the judges and Trump's lawyers are being laughed out of court and rightfully so.

Here is a list of all the legal losses suffered by Trump since the elections ended.

Legal losses

Dec 9th (1 win - 53 losses)

Dec 8th (1 win - 51 losses)

Dimwits, sociopaths, seditious traitors and potential murderers Ellis & Giuliani are busy spreading Coronavirus (some that they infected will surely die) while Marc Elias is busy protecting our democracy

Dec 7th (1 win - 49 losses)

Crackhead, crackpot Sydney Powell loses the MI, GA Kraken cases

Dec 6th

Dec 4th (1 win - 46 losses)

Dec 3rd (1 win - 42 losses)

Dec 2nd (1 win - 40 losses)

Nov 30th (Mute the chief!)

Nov 28th

Nov 27th

Nov 26th

Nov 25th

Nov 24th

Nov 23rd

Nov 22nd

Nov 21st

Legal losses prior to Nov 21st