Looting Loeffler

A closer look at Insider trader Loeffler's crimes

Blog Post Date: Nov 27th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Dec 9th, 2020

Lincoln Project, MeidasTouch's Looting Loeffler Ads

Loeffler's various criminal insider trades

Loeffler's other crimes (Enron like scandal)

Sociopath Loeffler gets infected and is endangering others by not quarantining

Note: Look at how there is no social distancing and no cleaning of mics etc. between speakers. Pence, Senator David Perdue, his cousin AG Sec Perdue and hundreds others at the event are all exposed.

Graham, Loeffler and Perdue'a attacks against GA Sec. of State has now resulted in death threats

Caitlin O’Dea, Kelly Loeffler’s press secretary (and most likely Loeffler too) thinks Loeffler's supporters are all rednecks

Loeffler is very much like Trump who hates his disgusting (sic) redneck (sic) supporters