Why is Trump admin meeting with Russians?

There is something sinister when Trump admin officials meet with Russians two days before the election

Blog Post Date: Oct 31st, 2020

Blog Post Updated: Nov 1st, 2020

In 2016 Trump campaign traitors (now indicted) met with Russians days before the elections.

The last time this happened in 2016, Republican traitor Paul Manafort, Trump's now indicted ex-campaign manager was meeting with the Russians to hand them sensitive polling information to all the swing states to the Russians.

Which the Russians then used to magically swing PA, MI, WI to Trump all by less than 100,000 votes. This was a big part of the reason why Manafort was indicted by Mueller.

Oct 2020 - Trump official Scott Atlas meets with Russians. Why?

There is no good reason for Atlas to be meeting with the Russians two days before the election. There are quite a few treasonous reasons for this meeting to happen so close to an election.

Even the GOP's own Rep Kinzinger is disgusted by how brazen, improper and treasonous this is, two days before the election

White House pretends to distance itself from Atlas

I call BS on this. The Trump White House, the GOP and Atlas are all in on this. They are cornered rats. Plotting to steal another election so that they don't have to go to jail.

Oct 31st 2020 - Trump's camp sought highly sensitive ballot security information from a county in Pennsylvania. Why?

This needs to be investigated. Atlas's meeting with the Russians is highly irregular. Now seeking ballot information is even more irregular.

Some of the GOP traitors are still plotting very hard with the Russians to steal the 2020 election.

Oct 15th 2020 - Became known that Intelligence agencies warned President Trump last year

That Russia was using Rudy Giuliani as a conduit for disinformation aimed at undermining Joe Biden

Trump, Don Jr, Tucker Carlsson, Rudy Giuliani, Fox News, every criminal in the GOP shamelessly and criminally still tried to manufacture a fake Hunter Biden scandal with the aid of the Russians and a made up operative called Martin Aspen and a fake intelligence firm.

Aug 2020 - Giuliani meeting with Russian agents in 2020

Why is Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer still meeting with Russian agents in the middle of an election?

That is even after Trump was warned that Giuliani was a conduit for Russian disinformation?

Nov 2020 - Giuliani continues to meet with russians. Why?