Miscellaneous Super Spreader Events

A list of all the dangerous super spreader events hosted by Republicans in September and October 2020

Blog Post Date: Oct 8th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Oct 14th, 2020

These events will spread the disease even more, infecting hundreds of thousands and killing thousands.

GOP sociopaths killing their own base to win an election!

In some of these events rich, brain-dead Republican GOP donors are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to be pictured with the GOP sociopaths. Imagine that! Paying money to be exposed to COVID and possibly die.

210,000 deaths and these idiots haven't learned anything! I guess the fear of losing the election and having to go jail after that, makes every Republican a sociopath who will infect their own base, in the hopes of winning an election.

Tracking the explosion of cases from the Trump rallies on the #COVID Data analytics site (Oct 9th update)

You will see the explosion of cases after Trump rallies:

  1. Beltrami county has 940% case growth since the rally at Bemidji, Minnesota
  2. Washington DC has a 61% case growth in the week since the various super spreader events at the WH (Scoutus nomination, Gold star Families events)



Oct 14th

Trump rally in Iowa (Des Moines, Polk county)

Oct 13th

Eric Trump rally in Minnesota

Trump rally in Johnstown, PA (Does this remind anyone of the death cult in Jonestown?)

Oct 12th

Trump Rally in Sanford, Florida (Seminole county)

Spreading the disease by throwing masks to the crowd, boarding the plane without a mask on, etc.

Oct 10th

Atlanta Church event (4000 people indoors)

Washington DC, Rally at the White House; Attendees paid by Candace Owens; 2000 Invited, 500 showed up

The Villages, Sumter county, Florida; Mike Pence rally

Oct 9th

9 COVID cases linked to Trump's Minnesota rally; 2 hospitalized, 1 in ICU, state says

Oct 8th

Donald Trump Jr. is holding a packed indoor event in Florida

Oct 6th

Giuliani at a Manhattan Fund Raiser

Oct 1st

Trump fund raiser at Bedminister, NJ

Sep 30th

Trump rally at Duluth, Minnesota

Sep 27th

Maskless Gold Star families event at WH

Sep 26th

Prayer rally at the Lincoln Memorial (some rally goers are now infected, including Pastor Greg Laurie)

SCOTUS event (Don Winslow video of the event and the cover-up)

Sep 18th

Trump rally at Bemidji, Minnesota