MAGA - Trump's just not that into you

An irreverent look at the ways that Trump really really despises his MAGA supporters

Blog Post Date: Oct 31st, 2020

Blog Post Updated: Nov 2nd, 2020

The MAGA clowns adore Donald Trump, so much so, they worship him. It is a cult far worse than the Jim Jones cult.

Killer Covid Rallies

The MAGA people are fools that attend his "killer" COVID rallies in the middle of raging pandemic, without wearing any masks. These fools are spreading the disease everywhere and endangering everyone they come in contact with.

Now studies from Stanford have shown that these rallies have caused at least thirty thousand new infections and seven hundred deaths.

I analyze the surge in cases in the counties hosting Trump rallies in an earlier blog here and on my Data analytics site

Trump Rallies Report

Trump doesn't care for his rally goers / voters

Trump has repeatedly shown he despises his supporters. He thinks very poorly of them. He hates their southern accents. He is disgusted by them. Yet, these fools have no clue and continue to worship him. They are dying to attend his rallies, At least 700 of them.

This Blog is meant for that MAGA clown with half a brain. Hopefully, when they read this, they will come to their senses and realize that they were fools to believe the 25,000+ Trump lies. Or is that 30,000 now with each rally adding another 250-300 lies?

MAGA left stranded in Rome, Georgia (Nov 1st)

MAGA left stranded in the cold in Butler, PA (Oct 31st)

MAGA left stranded in the cold in Omaha, NE (Oct 27th)

This is brilliant satire by a great comedian. But it could very well be a brainless MAGA clown

Freezing MAGA in Omaha :-)
Freezing MAGA in Omaha :-)

Trump hates you ... Even if you love him

Trump doesn't care for his MAGA base

COVID is a good thing so he doesn't have to shake hands with his "disgusting" (sic) base

Trump doesn't care for his southern base - he hates their southern accent

Trump loves the poorly educated

Trump hates the veterans (dead or alive) - including GOP veterans.

He calls them "losers" and "suckers"