Perdue Chicken

A closer look at Insider trader Perdue's crimes

Blog Post Date: Nov 27th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Dec 4th, 2020

Summary of Criminal activities:

Each one of these crimes is worse than anything Martha Stewart did for which she was jailed.

  • Traded stock in a company that sold “pain management alternatives to opioids” while he held meetings on how to manage the opioid crisis
  • 2,596 trades in one 6-year term as Senator (most with insider information)
  • He bought tons of Pfizer stock after their public earnings warnings (because he had info about their COVID vaccine)
  • Sold more than $1 million in Cardlytics stock with insider information
  • Traded bank stock while passing pro-bank legislation on the Senate Banking Cmte
  • FBI investigation, Goldman Sachs records reveal Perdue personally directed his own stock trades
  • Right before he led a Senate subcommittee with jurisdiction over the Navy, he began buying stock in BWX Technologies that made submarine parts

Lincoln Project, MeidasTouch's Perdue Ads

Perdue's horrendous 1st debate performance. Chicken Perdue has canceled all other debates

Things that Perdue is too chicken to do: Debates, face reporters or his constituents, answer questions about his criminal trades

Criminal stock trades (He should be in jail for several of these crimes)

Lawsuits against criminal Perdue

Like all Republicans, he is a vile racist attacking Ossoff and Harris at various times

Like all Republicans, he is a sociopath spreading #COVID to all his rally goers

Note: Look at how there is no social distancing and no cleaning of mics etc. between speakers. Pence, Senator David Perdue, his cousin AG Sec Perdue and hundreds others at the event are all exposed.

Graham, Loeffler and Perdue'a attacks against GA Sec. of State has now resulted in death threats