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Blog Post Date: Nov 11th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Dec 10th, 2020

Post election Blog posts

Link Description
Republicans infected Republicans infected with COVID since the election
Election Night Election Night WH Super Spreader Event
Looting Loeffler Insider trades by Senator Loeffler
Perdue Chicken Insider trades by debate evading chicken, Senator David Perdue
Trump's America A few of the images from Trump's America
Lame-duck Period Insane stuff being done by Trump and the GOP in the lame-duck period
Legal Losses Post-election legal losses for President Trump
Trump's not into you MAGA - Trump's just not that into you
Sociopathic SCOTUS SCOTUS reject Covid restrictions on religious gatherings
Flynn's Pardon A closer look at Flynn's pardon, his crimes
Criminals pardoned by Trump Republican criminals pardoned by Trump
Efforts to steal election GOP Efforts to steal the election
Law Firms Law Firms representing President Trump in post-election lawsuits
Transition Dangers Dangers due to delays in transition to Biden administration
Senators Senators not accepting election results
Congressmen Congressmen not accepting election results
Trump Administration Trump administration members not accepting election results
Miscellaneous GOP Misc. GOP not accepting election results
Rightwing Media Rightwing media people not accepting election results
Trump Family Trump family members not accepting election results

Pre election Blog posts

Link Description
Election Results Election Results
Election Day Observations Election Day Observations
Covid surge in Swing States Covid is surging nationwide and is especially bad in the Swing states
Final polls and early voting numbers Polls and final early voting numbers
Atlas's Russian meeting Why is Trump admin meeting with Russians?
Voter Suppression Various voter suppression tactics used by the GOP

Super Spreader Blog posts

Event Dates Location Blog Post Data Site Report
Scotus Nomination Sep 26th White House, DC Scotus
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Aug 7th - Aug 16th Sturgis, South Dakota Sturgis Sturgis
Trump Rallies Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Rallies Rallies
Election Night WH Event Nov 3rd night White House, DC Election Night

Midwest states

State Voter Suppression Blog
Indiana IN Suppression Blog
Iowa IA Suppression Blog
Kansas KS Suppression Blog
Michigan MI Suppression Blog
Minnesota MN Suppression Blog
Missouri MO Suppression Blog
Nebraska NE Suppression Blog
North Dakota ND Suppression Blog
Ohio OH Suppression Blog
South Dakota SD Suppression Blog
Wisconsin WI Suppression Blog

Northeast states

State Voter Suppression Blog
Delaware DE Suppression Blog
New Hampshire NH Suppression Blog
New Jersey NJ Suppression Blog
New York NY Suppression Blog
Pennsylvania PA Suppression Blog
Rhode Island

Southeast states

State Voter Suppression Blog
Alabama AL Voter Blog
Florida FL Voter Blog
Georgia GA Voter Blog
Kentucky KY Voter Blog
Louisiana LA Voter Blog
Mississippi MS Voter Blog
North Carolina NC Voter Blog
South Carolina SC Voter Blog
Tennessee TN Voter Blog
Virginia VA Voter Blog
West Virginia

Southwest states

State Voter Suppression Blog
Arizona AZ Voter Suppression Blog
New Mexico NM Voter Suppression Blog
Oklahoma OK Voter Suppression Blog
Texas TX Voter Suppression Blog

West states

State Voter Suppression Blog
Alaska AK Suppression Blog
California CA Suppression Blog
Idaho ID Suppression Blog
Montana MT Suppression Blog
Nevada NV Suppression Blog

Summary of the Political blogs

  • Voter Suppression

    • General Republican voter suppression tactics
    • Examples of Republican voter suppression in certain GOP governed states
  • Super Spreader events

    • SCOTUS nomination event at the Rose Garden in the White House
    • Trump rallies with thousands of maskless idiots
  • Misc Blog posts

    • On how the Republicans are causing #NeedlessDeaths by their hatred of science and lack of Mask mandates and by not enforcing social distancing
    • On the various ways the Republicans are deceiving their base (suppressing testing, reporting of cases and mis-classifying COVID deaths and by suggesting that it is a hoax, or only the really old get infected or that masks don't help) and causing more infections / deaths