Prominent Republicans not accepting election result

A list of all the prominent Republicans not accepting the election results

Blog Post Date: Nov 13th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Dec 9th, 2020

It is undemocratic and unpatriotic to claim that the election results have not been decisive. It is a landslide win for Joe Biden / Kamala Harris with a 306-232 electoral college victory. Moreover, they have 5.5 million more votes and climbing to 7 million when every vote is counted. The election has been called and Biden / Harris declared the winner by every major network and newspaper.

It is also a dangerous situation as they are preventing the Biden team from getting the security briefings. This has never happened in 230+ years. Some of the GOP (Pompeo, Navarro, McCarthy etc.) are now criminally claiming that there will be a second Trump administration ignoring the will of nearly 80 million people.

This should not be forgotten. This is who the Republicans are. They lecture about bringing democracy to the rest of the world while destroying it here.

Whacko Evangelicals and Fake Christians (They always seem to vote for the anti-christ or the devil himself. Always!)

I don't see any difference between these guys and the rabid Muslim Mullahs who believe in Sharia law

Governors, Lt-Governors (DeSantis, Kemp, Dan Patrick, Reeves, etc.)

Misc GOP

Neutered Gingrich, Scott Adams, Lindell, Kerik, traitors DiGenova & Flynn, Brain-dead Lin Wood, Lauren Boebert, Steve Cortes, Actor Voight, Pardoned criminal Conrad Black, Gingrich, Whacko & felon D'Souza, Owens, Nazi Gorka, Stone, Lewandowski, Ellis, Giuliani, Powell, indicted traitors like Papadope etc.