Schools reopening archive

A detailed look at the issues related to schools reopening (everything upto and including Aug 10th)

This will be a running collection of tweets (with links to news stories, research papers etc) that addresses everything related to schools reopening:

  • List all indoor events that lead to mass infections (similar conditions to schools)
  • List all schools that report infections within a few days of reopening
  • List all protests by teachers / staff about school reopenings
  • List all boneheaded moves by Republican governors that will endanger Americans, to help re-elect Trump


From ‘brain fog’ to heart damage, COVID-19’s lingering problems alarm scientists |

LONG TERM BURDEN after COVID hospitalization — “Anybody who needed to be hospitalized or needed ICU support will suffer disability afterwards.”

This is why it is so dangerous to send kids off to school in the Republican states where Case Positivity ratio is 10-20%. Millions of Americans will now have a lifelong pre-existing condition and if the Republicans win the 2020 election through voter suppression, shutting down USPS and colluding with Russia and China and Ukraine, these Millions of Americans are looking at bankruptcy. Vote Blue, as your life depends on it!

Aug 10th

North Paulding, GA teen who shared photo of packed high school hallway says she's receiving threats

Sociopathic Republicans are placing our kids in danger so that they can get Trump re-elected, no matter how many lives are lost

40+ schools have already closed nationwide after reopening last week

FL reports record number of weekly COVID-19 hospitalizations. 3,355 people were admitted from last Sunday August 2, 2020

This is just not idea for school reopenings anwyhere in Florida. There will be many more needless deaths due to the callousness of the Trump / DeSantis administrations.

One Florida county has a 34% coronavirus positivity rate and is still allowing children to return to school

This is just pure evil forcing kids, staff, teachers to go to school under these circumstances.

Georgia school district (Cherokee) reports 826 students in quarantine since opening

Georgia high school switches to digital learning after COVID-19 cases and viral photo

Missouri Republicans risk lives to score political points with push to reopen schools

Aug 9th

At least 97,000 children in US have tested positive for COVID in the last two weeks of July.

Chattooga County (GA) Schools officials confirmed six COVID-19 cases in the school system

How widespread is COVID-19 in children? (9%) A look at the latest data as schools reopen

COVID-19 can spread in air if schools don't have proper AC, report says

North Paulding High School, GA will shut down for two days due to Covid-19

More than 80 students in Putnam County, TN have been quarantined

With 65 of Tennessee's school districts reopened, at least 39 COVID-19 cases have been linked to schools

Aug 8th

Missouri Budget Slashed Due To COVID-19, Education Hit The Hardest

6 students, 3 staff at North Paulding High School, GA have tested postive

97,000 children test positive for COVID in 2 weeks

TN Governor ignores CDC guidelines on testing in schools

260 students, 8 teachers quarantined in GA school district

Ex FDA commissioner warns us about COVID deaths in kids

FL, TX, MS test positivity rate dangerously high at 20% for school reopenings

Black & Hispanic kids At Risk For 'Severe' COVID-19 Symptoms, CDC Finds

Utah elementary school principal dead after long battle with COVID

More diabolical schemes being plotted by Paulding High school, GA

This will get more students sick, not less. The administration in this school district is just pure evil

N.J. school’s summer daycare program shut down after employees test positive for COVID-19

AZ teacher fined $2K for resigning from Dysart school district over COVID-19 concerns

Again, more evil being perpetrated in Red States by Republican administrations

Indianola, Iowa school confirms COVID-19 case 4 days after classes resume

School nurses throughout U.S., including TX, describe challenges expected due to COVID-19

Bradley County, TN Schools confirms first COVID-19 case Saturday

Aug 7th

Protesters demand in-person schooling in Indiana county with 15% +ve rate (death sentence to many in the 23% Latino / Black community)

Hillsborough County with 2,857 infected kids may be punished if schools open virtually

Dozens of staff at North GA school district (Lumpkin) test positive

Idiotic Cobb parents turn out to demand in-person classes for students (on Aug 1st)

Cobb County Schools has 100 cases of COVID among students, staff (predictably, a week later)

Australia follows Israel's disasterous model; School reopening results in explosion of cases; 100s of schools now closing again

Apopka, FL High School coach in medically-induced coma, battling COVID

Covid confirmed in two Tullahoma, TN schools

2 elementary kids get infected in Centerville-Abington, IN School. It has decided to close all of its school buildings Monday

North Paulding High School has 23 cases (school where kids were suspended for taking photos)

3 students, 2 staff members at Avon Community Schools, IN test positive

Dozens of teachers, students get COVID in 1st wk

MS teacher dead in 1st week

7 year old dead in GA (Kids are not immune)

Even Germany closes 2 schools

FL Desantis admin forces health authorities to pressure districts to open schools

Paulding county girl suspension lifted

Aug 6th

Schools that open in the fall will close by October

Some teachers are retiring rather than go back to school

Questions of disclosure after a Hillsborough teacher gets COVID

Broward schools headquarters evacuated for COVID-19

Texas school district superintendent dies

CDC abdicates responsibility; will let kids get sick

Georgia school nurse who resigned, says she was 'horrified' by the lack of Covid-19 safety protocols

German schools test students twice a week

Iowa teachers, scared to return to the classroom, wrote their own obituaries.

A Georgia High School (Paulding county) Suspended Two Students For Posting Photos Of Crowded Hallways

Cherokee County in Georgia which reopened Monday, now has cases in 4 schools.

Mississippi schools not required to disclose COVID outbreaks

Muzzling caught on audio: School principal of Georgia threatening further consequences

Aug 5th

Pence & DeVos exposed 4th grade kids to COVID for a Photo-op; Now school is shut down

Kids in GA threatened with expulsion if they stay home

Trump learns nothing from 160,000 dead and wants to reopen Schools

Students at school touted by Pence for reopening must quarantine due to COVID-19.

Over 100 students quarantined in Mississippi school district, several tested positive for Covid-19

Covid-19 may spread more easily in schools than thought, report warns.

Mississippi, with country’s highest COVID-19 positivity rate, allows most schools to reopen.

These Tennessee school districts are already reporting COVID-19 cases after reopening.

Chicago, the nation's 3rd largest school district is officially going all remote to start the school year.

In Florida, teachers are told if they strike, they will be summarily terminated and their pensions forfeited.

A 2nd grader tests positive in Sixes Elementary School in Cherokee County, GA. 20 Kids and teachers are quarantined.

Aug 4th

The actions by the Gov of Iowa, the Trump administration and especially the staff at the North Paulding High School where they know that many football players are infected and may have come into contact with other kids and still opening schools without a mask mandate and social distancing is diabolical.

They are all so eager to infect thousands (millions at the Trump adminstration level) and possibly dooming thousands to a lifetmime of misery with pre-existing lung, heart and other issues brought on by a COVID infection. This is just plain evil!

The parents need to put their foot down and refuse to send their kids to school.

Iowa Gov threatens school districts (and endangers staff, faculty, parents and kids)

Trump administration sticks to plan to reopen schools (and infect millions?)

Five Marietta schools employees test positive for COVID-19

Cherokee County schools, Georgia, quarantines second-grade class after student tests positive for COVID-19

Manatee School has COVID-19 shutdown on day one

First day of school in Paulding county, GA. No social distancing, no masks

Multiple football players infected & sick, Paulding County still refused to delay, and no mask mandates (thousands will get infected)

When Covid Subsided, Israel Reopened Its Schools. It Didn’t Go Well.

Aug 3rd

Florida taking wrong lessons from failed experiments in Japan & Israel where school reopenings & easing has infected thousands & killed hundreds more

Trump criticizes Birx after she warns U.S. it is unsafe to reopen schools as coronavirus outbreaks are extraordinarily widespread

Two teenagers (14, 17) in Florida have died from Covid-19 complications, according to data posted by the Florida Department of Health

As the Coronavirus Comes to School, a Tough Choice: When to Close

Ex FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb on MLB and Schools Reopening

Aug 2nd

Georgia teen loses both parents to COVID in mere days

COVID cases, exposure have 260 Gwinnett school employees not working

Issues faced by an Arizona superintendent on safely reopening schools

‘I’m sorry, but it’s a fantasy’. Jeff Gregorich, superintendent, on trying to reopen his schools safely

Aug 1st

Greenfield Central Junior High School in Indiana

2 southern Indiana high school (Greater Clark County school) students test positive for coronavirus

COVID at Calgary Catholic School, Alberta

Tennessee administration admits it will cover-up COVID infections at TN schools

July 31st

Corinth High School, Mississippi's first school reopening

Maryville City Schools (Tennessee) student tests positive for COVID-19

Georgia Summer Camp

Illinois coronavirus: Multiple positive COVID-19 tests traced to Will Co. private prom attended by 270 students, chaperones

July 30th

Miami Marlins is failing to contain a COVID outbreak among its players. What does that mean for schools reopening this fall?

July 29th

Brevard County high school, Florida

July 25th

Alcoa city schools, Tennessee

July 13th

Teachers are writing their wills


Risks posed by school reopenings