Dangers posed by a transition delay

A look at some of the issues / threats faced by a delay in transition to the new Biden administration

Blog Post Date: Nov 14th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Nov 19th, 2020

President Trump has lost the election in a landslide by 306 - 232 electoral votes. He will finally lose by more than 7 million votes. 80 million people voted against him.

Yet Trump and the Republicans are refusing to accept the results of the elections. They are refusing to take part in the transition of government from the Trump administration to the incoming Biden administration. Moreover, they are refusing to ensure that the Biden team is included in the national security briefings. They have also asked the GSA (@GSAEmily) not to sign off on the transition.

This has never happened before in our nation's history. This poses great dangers to our country.

Here is a compilation of what some of the experts are saying about these matters

Transition single-handedly being delayed by Republican criminal, traitor and GSA Official Emily Murphy

It is possible that Emily Murphy may need a pardon from President Trump to stay out of jail




#COVID deaths will escalate since the Trump admin is doing nothing and is not helping the competent Biden team help them

HHS Azar instructing staff not to talk to Biden's team. These traitors are ensuring more #NeedlessDeaths!

Dangers posed by transition delays

Nov 13th