Law firms representing Trump

A list of all the law firms representing President Trump

Blog Post Date: Nov 14th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Nov 18th, 2020

President Trump has lost the election in a landslide by 306 - 232 electoral votes. He will finally lose by more than 7 million votes. 80 million people voted against him.

Yet he and the Republicans are trying to steal the elections by filing numerous frivolous law suits. It is one thing to make accusations of voter fraud against the democrats on right wing media shows or on twitter (that his dumb, uneducated, racist 73 million followers will believe), but it is another thing to make a legal case with no proof that fraud exists.

So, most of Trump's lawsuits are being thrown out by the (mostly conservative) judges and Trump's lawyers are being laughed out of court and rightfully so.

Here is a list of all the law firms that are filing baseless law suits on behalf of President Trump to destroy our democracy and overrule the votes of 80 million Americans. The Lincoln Project and Meidas Touch have launched ads targeting these firms and as a result, many of these firms are dropping out of these lawsuits and are now refusing to represent President Trump.

Nov 18th - Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis really hated Trump. Now she is willing to commit treason to help Trump steal the election

Nov 14th (Criminal lawyers now representing Trump - criminals who should lose their law license and be locked up)

Toensing, DiGenova, Giuliani were all actively involved in the Russia collusion in 2016 and the Ukraine extortion in 2019 and a whole lot of other criminal, un-American activities. All three have represented Russian Mobsters. It is a shame that coward / traitor Mueller didn't indict them.

Giuliani is not just a criminal. He is a pedophile who was exposed in the Borat film trying to have sex with someone he thought was 15-years old.

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