This is Trump's America

A few of the images from Trump's America

Blog Post Date: Nov 15th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Dec 6th, 2020

It is stunning and absolutely heart-breaking that 73 million Americans voted for more of this!

Even more dis-heartening is the fact the Republican party and the Trump administration is trying to steal the election which they lost in a landslide, to give us 4 more years of this!

Horrific scenes at the airports (Thanksgiving travel)

In just a matter of a few weeks where we go from 200k cases and 2,000 deaths a day to 300k cases and 3,000 deaths a day.

Similar madness during the Christmas holidays could mean 500k cases a day and 4k - 5k deaths a day by Jan 20th

The deranged unqualified Sociopath Atlas responsible for many needless COVID deaths Steps down (Nov 30th)

Misc. observations by Doctors / Nurses / Experts at the front line

Long lines of people waiting for food in Food banks

Long lines of people waiting for #COVID testing

COVID patients dying alone in the hospital without family members

Horrific scenes from #COVID hotspots (Overflowing Morgues etc.)

Late November - The situation in El Paso and many other places is horrific.

The President has gone golfing after skipping out of the G20 Pandemic Meeting today. He has golfed at least three times this week, while there are 2,000 deaths a day. He had said that nobody is dying from COVID anymore and that after the elections we wouldn't be talking about COVID anymore as it would disappear. 200k cases a day, 2,000 deaths a day. Will be 300k cases a day and 3,000 deaths a day in a few short weeks as this will explode after Thanksgiving

Disbelief when people get sick and die of a hoax (Sociopaths Trump, GOP and Fox News made this happen)

Violent Proud Boys and KKK standing by to cause chaos and harm

Hate crimes rise; White Nationalist groups now pose the biggest terrorism threat in America