Voter Suppression in North Carolina

Examples of Voter Suppression used by the Republican party in North Carolina

Blog Post Date: Oct 16th, 2020

Blog Post Updated: Nov 1st, 2020

Early voting started in a lot of the States this week and we are already seeing long lines in most of the corrupt, racist Republican controlled southern states.

People standing 12 hours in line to vote in predominantly democratic areas of North Carolina is a very common occurrence.

This blog will try to list some of the more blatant voter suppression efforts in North Carolina.

Democracy hating GOP criminals (DeJoy and others) crippled the USPS system to steal the election by suppressing the votes

This is true of all swing states where they are facing major delays in returning ballots on time, USPS data shows.

North Carolina GOP has denied international election observers access to the state’s polling locations on Election Day

GOP using the courts and corrupt undemocratic racist judges to suppress the votes (sometimes they lose)

Voter Intimidation

GOP attempting to stop counting of all votes cast

Long Lines