Wear a mask!

A compilation of research, articles from experts on how masks help stop the spread

Blog Post Date: Aug 28th, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Sep 2nd, 2020

Masks are effective. It is really really ignorant to claim otherwise. More importantly the selfish bastards who refuse to wear a mask are endangering and killing innocent Americans.

Sep 2nd

People who frequently watch Fox News or listen to conservative talk radio are less likely to wear masks, a poll of New Hampshire residents finds

Face shields and valved masks appear to be less effective at blocking viral particles than regular masks and may also expose the wearer to more germs, a new study shows

Aug 27th

As our understanding of #COVID19 has evolved, the importance of wearing masks has become clear.

Our partner @ResolveTSL’s new mask guide brings together evidence, tools, and best practices to help policymakers promote widespread mask-wearing.

We've posted a new report on masks - proof that they work and best practices increasing use.

An important part of a comprehensive approach to stopping Covid. The more we mask up, the more we can keep deaths down and restart our economy

Masks need not separate us from other people. Properly designed and worn, they simply separate us from the virus, as I write in @PostOpinions

Briefing on Promoting Mask-Wearing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The more we've learned about #COVID19, the clearer the importance of masks has become. When communities mask up, we bring illness and deaths down.

Our new guide shares how policymakers can promote widespread mask-wearing, including the best masks to wear.

HUGE—Comparison of Masks versus No Masks for exhaled particles and aerosols. It is night and day. #MaskUp #Masks #COVID19

Aug 24th

A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: South Korea vs USA 🇺🇸 in our attitudes and response to face masks.

This is such a damning indictment of how our attitudes is hurting the pandemic. America is shooting itself in the foot with it harmful mask attitudes.

Aug 23rd

A person sitting under an airconditioner infected 27 others with coronavirus at a Starbucks cafe in South Korea, but none of employees, who were wearing masks, got the virus