Colleges in Wisconsin

A detailed look at the spread of the Corona Virus in College towns / cities / counties in Wisconsin

Blog Post Date: Oct 1st, 2020

Blog Post Last Update: Oct 1st, 2020

Sturgis super spreader event

We saw how the Sturgis biker event was a super spreader event that has now caused cases to explode in many states in the midwest and many states in the west that are close to South Dakota.

The blog post about this is here:

Here you can see the cases / deaths at Sturgis (Meade county) and the 4 neighboring counties (Butte, Custer, Lawrence, Pennington) at the Data analytics site and you can see the daily changes.

Colleges / Universities are super spreaders

Colleges / universities with in-person classes are essentially super spreader events. The kids in most campuses haven't stopped partying even with fairly strict rules in place to prevent the spread of the disease on the campuses.

I am writing a series of blog posts where I track the spread of #COVID in college towns and its surrounding counties. It will show the growth of the cases from a week to 4 weeks ago.

My goal is to show that this will not just hurt the Red states (where the effect will be more severe because of lack of social distancing, lack of mask enforcement rules, lack of testing etc.), but also the Blue states. Kids will be kids in all 50 states.

Wisconsin Colleges Monitored:

  • University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison(Dane county)

Cases and Deaths Snapshot on Sep 30th:


Cases and Deaths as of today:

You can see the latest cases and deaths numbers for Milwaukee, Dane county here